April 2021

Maison Martell presents an exceptional collection of rare, vintage eaux-de-vie in Dame-Jeannes

For the first time in its history, Maison Martell is opening up a precious legacy: its remarkable reserve of vintage eaux-de-vie, representing a heritage transmitted from one Cellar Master to the next through eight generations. The current Martell Cellar Master, Christophe Valtaud, has selected just a few among the very rarest of these eaux-de-vie to constitute a unique collection presented in Dame-Jeannes. Artisanal masterpieces in their own right, these 11-litre glass demijohns were exclusively crafted to hold the collection’s very old cognacs. The Martell Dame-Jeanne Collection was unveiled in China in December 2020 to a small number of the House’s loyal clients.

The vintage eaux-de-vie in this collection have spent several decades in the Martell cellars, aging in fine-grained oak barrels to preserve the delicacy of their aromas. When, in the judgement of Christophe Valtaud, they have reached their full aromatic potential, he transfers them to Dame-Jeannes. By protecting the eaux-de-vie from contact with the air, these glass flasks halt the ageing process and preserve their exceptional quality for many years to come.
Until now, these precious eaux-de-vie have been reserved for Maison Martell’s most prestigious blends. The Dame-Jeanne Collection, however, reveals their unique, individual aromatic profile, with each one an authentic expression of its terroir.
The 1951 vintage from Grande Champagne is the rarest of the eaux-de-vie in the collection. Maison Martell is offering just a single Dame-Jeanne of this beautifully balanced cognac, which was chosen for the blend created to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the House in 2015.
The 1958 vintage, also from Grande Champagne, delivers a more gourmet expression of this renowned terroir. Notes of leather and candied fruit predominate, creating an impression of intensity as well as great length on the palate.
The 1971 vintage is an opportunity to discover the Fins Bois terroir, which rarely produces eaux-de-vie with such a remarkable potential for aging. This is a cognac with outstanding aromatic properties.
Further unique eaux-de-vie will be added to the collection.
To revisit the traditional Dame-Jeanne, Maison Martell harnessed the skills of three French artisans: a carpenter to sculpt the wooden mould by hand, a glassblower to create the monumental flask, and a basket-maker to encase it in wickerwork. Each piece is completely unique, made to order in the workshops of the Fondation d’Entreprise Martell in Cognac, and delivered with a certificate signed by Christophe Valtaud.
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