Maison Martell presents an exceptional limited edition: Martell 70 years old Grande Champagne

July, 2023

The oldest of the great cognac houses, founded by Jean Martell in 1715, Maison Martell can also claim to possess one of the oldest collections of eaux-de-vie – a “library” of more than 10,000 references, some many decades old. Now, Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud has selected just one of these exceptional eaux-de-vie to be released as a one-of-a-kind limited edition.

A celebration of time and savoir-faire

Drawn from the House’s most precious reserves, Martell 70 Years Old Grande Champagne is a pure product of the prestigious Grande Champagne terroir. Situated at the very heart of the Cognac region, Grande Champagne is renowned for the richness, power and ageing potential of its eaux-de-vie. Having attained 70 years of age, this outstanding eau-de-vie is being released in an exclusive edition of just 70 hand-crafted, numbered decanters. Moreover, the design of the decanter was created 70 years ago by Baccarat, one of France’s most revered manufacturers of fine crystal, founded in 1764. The décor of the Martell 70 Years Old Grande Champagne decanter was inspired by an archive Martell advertising poster by the illustrator Jean d’Ylen. It depicts three female figures – possibly the Graces of classical mythology – amid dynamic swirls of vine and oak leaves. One of the figures holds a bunch of grapes, the second a flame and the third an hourglass, symbolising the terroir, distillation and ageing – the three pillars of Maison Martell’s savoir-faire. The decanter – which is crafted by Baccarat at its historic manufacture in Lorraine and filled in the Martell Special Orders workshop in Cognac – thus represents a union of two traditions of French excellence, handed down from one generation to the next.

A masterpiece of french craftsmanship

This unique masterpiece takes Baccarat a full six days to create, and involves 16 artisans representing nine different specialities, including two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, holders of a coveted national award for outstanding craftsmen. It is painstakingly crafted by hand at every stage, from the moment the molten crystal is mouth blown and the decanter takes shape. Once the crystal has cooled, the cutter carefully carves the elaborate motifs on the side and base of the decanter with a revolving wheel. Subsequently, after the polishing stage, the engraver uses a stencil to guide him as he meticulously etches the décor on the front and back. Next, the gilder applies gold over the entire surface of the decanter, before gently removing it with a cloth from all but the engraved motifs.

Finally, a warmer gold is painted with a brush on parts of the décor, creating subtle nuances that further enhance the beauty of the design.

A once-in-a-lifetime taste experience

Martell 70 Years Old Grande Champagne is a testament to Maison Martell’s enduring excellence and savoir-faire – in selecting the finest grapes, in distilling its eaux-de-vie with ultimate skill and precision, and in ageing them exclusively in barrels of fine-grained oak, the better to reveal their uniquely rich and refined aromas. To taste Martell 70 Years Old Grande Champagne is to experience something quite unique, a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Ideally, this rare eau-de-vie should be savoured neat, in a crystal glass and in a quiet ambiance, to fully appreciate its exceptionally rich and refined aromas.

The Grande Champagne terroir from which it originates lends this eau-de-vie its floral first nose, marked by notes of acacia honey and orange blossom. It has a remarkable silken sensation on the palate, as well as notes of fresh tobacco, tart citrus (clementine, mandarin, candied orange peel) and hints of white cedar. The outstanding fullness and freshness, and the perfect balance, of this eau-de-vie are also defining characteristics of Grande Champagne.

“When you taste this rare, old eau-de-vie, you feel the time in your glass: the time of nature, the time of distillation, the time of ageing. As this eau-de-vie cannot be reproduced, tasting it is something quite unique. Enjoy the present moment and appreciate this exceptional experience with close friends and family.”

-Christophe Valtaud, Martell Cellar Master

Front packshot of the cognac bottle on a white background
70 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac - Maison Martell
Back packshot of the cognac bottle on a white background
70 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac - Maison Martell
Secondary packaging closed of a Cognac Bottle on a white background
70 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac - Maison Martell
Close up on the front label of the 70 years old Grande Champagne Cognac on a white background
70 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac - Maison Martell
Secondary packaging open of a Cognac Bottle on a white background
70 Years Old Grande Champagne Cognac - Maison Martell

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