Martell VSOP Limited Edition 2024

November, 2023

A vibrant contemporary tribute to 300 years of savoir-faire

For the festive season, Maison Martell has revisited Martell VSOP in the vibrant spirit of Pop Art, creating a colourful and contemporary tribute to the ancestral savoir-faire which produces this emblematic cognac.

A contemporary collage evoking Maison Martell’s savoir-faire

The Martell VSOP Limited Edition takes a bold, modern approach to telling the story of Maison Martell’s three centuries of savoir-faire. The vibrant design draws inspiration from the House archives, and in particular the history of Martell VSOP, the first barrel of which was shipped to Ireland in 1831.

Channelling the graphic spirit of Pop Art, the gift box features a rich and varied collage of images evoking the crafting of Martell cognacs. The prominent presence of oak – in the form of leaves, grain and casks – references its importance in the cognac-ageing process.

The colour palette, which contrasts Martell’s signature dark blue and electric blue with festive red and gold, adds further dynamism to the design.

Gifting an authentic expression of the Martell style

Since 1715, Maison Martell has perpetuated an uncompromising savoir-faire defined by the decision to age its eaux-de-vie exclusively in barrels of fine-grained oak, sustainably sourced from some of France’s most ancient forests. This specificity, which encourages the development of refined, generous aromas, is exemplified by Martell VSOP, an elegant cognac whose luscious notes of ripe fruit, including apricot and vine peach, and subtle woody overtones are an authentic expression of the Martell style.

This limited-edition gift set is completed by two glasses, ideal for appreciating this harmonious and beautifully balanced cognac. Martell VSOP can be enjoyed neat or in long drinks and cocktails, such as the intriguing and elegant Sorbonne, mixed with red aromatic bitters, Pineau des Charentes and Amer Picon, or the refreshing, fruity Derby, with grapefruit juice, blackberry honey syrup and orange bitters.

About Maison Martell

The oldest of the great cognac houses, founded by Jean Martell in 1715, Maison Martell is renowned throughout the world for the finesse and elegance of its cognacs, the result of a legacy of savoir-faire handed down through nine generations. Together with a passion for its craft and a profound attachment to the terroir, Maison Martell is defined by the audacity with which it has challenged convention to create new expressions of cognac, including the icon Martell Cordon Bleu in 1912. The free spirit of the House is symbolised by its historic emblem: the swift

Martell VSOP Limited Edition
Martell VSOP Limited Edition
Martell VSOP Limited Edition
Martell VSOP Limited Edition - Food pairing
Martell VSOP Limited Edition
Martell VSOP Limited Edition