L’Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition – Assemblage du Dragon

January, 2024

Maison Martell presents an exclusive edition of its most prestigious cognac

to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon in 2024

Every year, in homage to its historic ties with China, Maison Martell releases an exclusive edition of its most exceptional cognac, inspired by that year’s zodiac animal. 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon, probably the most emblematic of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and certainly the one most universally associated with China. Today, the House presents L’Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition – Assemblage du Dragon, a cognac which – while retaining the essential character of the original blend – subtly evokes this most revered of Chinese zodiac animals. This rare and prestigious edition is available in strictly limited quantities: fewer than 750 pieces, each individually numbered.

The personality of the dragon embodied by an exceptional blend…

For Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, the challenge was to enrich L’Or de Jean Martell without modifying its essence, but while bringing to the fore certain attributes – power, perseverance, nobility and immortality – associated with the dragon. He thus made a careful selection of very old eaux-de-vie drawn from different Years of the Dragon, and combined them with the original blend – a complex harmony of more than 1,400 eaux-de-vie from the four finest terroirs in the Cognac region. The result is a pure masterpiece of blending, which unites the unprecedented intensity and elegance of the original cognac with unparalleled warmth, generosity and aromatic balance, evoking the controlled and benevolent power associated with the dragon.

L’Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition – Assemblage du Dragon opens with an explosion of fresh, vibrant floral aromas – lily, lilac, pansy – which merge deliciously into intense and generous notes of candied fruit, including tamarind, lotus seeds and longan, also known as dragon’s eye. These are complemented by aromas of dried fruit and nuts, then notes of red and black fruit, notably wild strawberry, blackberry and blackcurrant. As the cognac evolves, spices and noble woods – Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, cedar and sandalwood – heighten the sensation of warmth, while aromas of earth and rancio evoke the atmosphere of the legendary Jean Martell cellar, where Maison Martell’s most precious eaux-de-vie are kept. Finally, exceptional length on the palate suggests the immortal nature of the Chinese dragon, which particularly inspired Christophe Valtaud.

… and a magnificent, flamboyant design

To showcase L’Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition – Assemblage du Dragon, Maison Martell created in collaboration with Baccarat – one of France’s most revered manufacturers of fine crystal, founded in 1764 – an object of exquisite elegance: a decanter whose sleek lines evoke a single, pure drop of cognac, complementing to perfection the richness and refinement of the blend within. The decanter, whose neck is embellished with engraved 19-carat gold, is crowned by a sculptural representation of a dragon’s head, completely unique and perfect in every vibrant detail, which is signed Martell x Baccarat.

Inside a beautifully crafted box whose red metal doors are embossed with a pattern suggesting dragon’s skin, the decanter rests on a gold-tone pedestal finely engraved with tiny scales. This magnificent ensemble is displayed against a dramatic, gold-colour backdrop decorated with motifs of grapevines, oak barrels and Martell swifts around a flamboyant Chinese dragon – a poetic evocation, not only of the Year of the Dragon, but also of the enduring friendship between Maison Martell and China.

About Maison Martell

The oldest of the great cognac houses, founded by Jean Martell in 1715, Maison Martell is renowned throughout the world for the finesse and elegance of its cognacs, the result of a legacy of savoir-faire handed down through nine generations. Together with a passion for its craft and a profound attachment to the terroir, Maison Martell is defined by the audacity with which it has challenged convention to create new expressions of cognac, including the icon Martell Cordon Bleu in 1912. The free spirit of the House is symbolised by its historic emblem: the swift.

MARTELL L'Or Zodiac Edition
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MARTELL L'Or Zodiac Edition